Saturday, January 26, 2013

Scottish Voice - January 26th, 2013

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Todays show: The life and times of Robert Burns Jan 25 1759 – July 21 1796

Music log:

1 Carl Peterson/ sings Robert Burns/There Was a Lad

2 Ed Miller/ theEdinburghRambler/ Scots Wha Hae

3 MacKenzie’s Pipes/ & Banjo/ Gallowa’ Hills/Bonnie Galloway/Scots Wha’ Hae

4 Pur/ The Lassies’ Reply/ My Love is like a Red, Red Rose

5 Pur/ The Lassies’ Reply/ Aon Phòn Ghràidh (Ae Fond Kiss)

6 The Wherries, The Youth of Inverclyde,RavenscraigSchoolChoir/GreenockBurns Club Celebrates 200 Years of Burns/ The Kirk Moose

7 Occasionals/ Down to the Hall/ Lord Lovat

8 Corries/ A Man’s A Man

9 Kings Own Scottish Borderers/ Blue Bonnets Over The Border/ Kenmure’s Up & Awa’ Wille/Atholl Highlanders/A Man’s a Man for Tha’

10 The Wherries, Greenock Burns Club Celebrates 200 Years of Burns/ Rattlin’ roarin’ Willie

11 Carl Peterson/ There Was A Lad; C.Peterson sings Robert Burns/ Will Ye Go Tae the IndiesMy Mary 12 The Wherries, Greenock Burns Club Celebrates 200 Years of Burns/Ye Banks and Braes

13 Pur/ The Lassies’ Reply/ Air Sgàth nan lomadh Linn (Auld Lang Syne)

14 Joe MacLean/Back of Boisdale/Warlocks/Bog an Lachan/ Prince Charlie’s/Johnny Wilmot’s Fiddles

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Scottish Voice - January 19th, 2013

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Today’s show is dedicated to the memory of

Joe Peter MacLean – June 4, 1945 – January 11, 2013

Our deepest condolences to Joe Peter’s family and friends.

Music log:

1 Jeff MacDonald -Natalie MacMaster/ C B Girl/ Ar n-Athair Our Father

2 Joe Peter with Gordon MacLean on piano; Medley of Gaelic Songs

3 Joe Peter with Janet Cameron on piano/ My Father’s March/The Braes of Mar/Briogis Lachlan – OR Laughlan trousers)/The Lasses of Stewarton/ Trad pipe tune -reels

4 Kathleen MacInnes/ Celtic Colours 16/ Teanga Binn mo Mhathair

5 Joe Peter with Gordon MacLean on piano; Lime Hill composed by Dan R MacD)/ Lady Betty Hay’s (Daniel Gow) /Ca’ the Stirks Frae Out the corn- strathspey; Fr. Fancis Cameron’s Reel (John Campbell) The Boisdale Reel (Dan Hughie MacEachern) Miss Shepherd (J Scott Skinner) John Of Badyendon reels

6 Jerry Holland/ Jerry Holland & Friends/ # 10 Joe Peter’s Air

7 Peter Gillis/ Homeward Bound/ Homeward Bound

8 Joe Peter MacLean / Paul Wukitsch/ Celtic & Traditional Lullabies from ourCapeBreton/ Nut Brown Maiden

9 Joe Peter with Gordon MacLean on parlor organ Mrs. Crawford – slow strathspey, Fenella-martching air (composed by Paul Cranford) Jessie Smith - strathspey, Homeward Bound – reel

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Scottish Voice - January 12th, 2013

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Happy Birthday: Anna Marie MacLeod

Music log:

1 Jack Morrison/ Hodgepodge/ C B by the Sea

2 Natalie MacMaster/ C B Girl/ Alex MacMaster’s Jig

3 Jack Morrison/ Hodgepodge// Wee Deoch An’Doris

4 Jack Morrison/ Hodgepodge/ Donald, Where’s Your Trousers

5 Alexander Maclean/ Across the Ocean Wave/ Over theBrinyOcean& Life on the Ocean Wave

6 Anita MacDonald, Susan MacLean, Donnie Campbell/ Stepping Stone/Some Good`Old Steps: John Campbell Strathspey, Fr. John Angus Rankin Strathspey, Dan J. Campbell

7 Peter’s Message/Peter Maclean from Aneita MacD’s CD Stepping Stone

8 Anita MacDonald, Ryan J. MacNeil/Stepping Stone/ Teannaibh Dlùth is Togaibh Fonn

9 Anita MacDonald, Susan MacLean, Donnie Campbell/ Stepping Stone/ The Golden E String: Kimberly Ann’s, Malcolm’s New Fiddle, W Mabou Jig

10 Ed Miller/ Come Awa’ With Me/Scotland’s Story

11 The Beaton Family/CapeBretonFiddle and Piano Music/ The Brig O’ Balater Strathspey/Fife Hunt Reel/Traditional Reel/Mrs. Ronald

12 Anita MacDonald, Susan MacLean, Donnie Campbell/ Stepping Stone/Jigs for Grampy: Orange and Blue, Rolling Off a Log, Hughie Shortie’s Jig, Kay MacDougall-Guthro’s

13 Natalie/ MacMaster/ F Medley