Saturday, February 23, 2013

Scottish Voice - February 23rd, 2013

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Music log:

1 Connie & Paul/My Father’s Songs/Shores of Americay

2 Stephanie Wills/TheCapeBretonConnection/Maggie Brown’s

3 Fraid Knot/ Hoist the Sails/ Captain Morgan

4 Barachois/ Barachois/Hanged Man’s Reel / Shoemaker’s Reel

5 Christy Moore/ Christy Moore Collection/ Delirium Tremens

6 Cassie & Maggie MacDonald/ Fresh Heirs/ Marching for Miles

7 Foster & Allen/40 Shades of Green: /My Auld Tambourine

8 Denis Ryan/ Let Me Fish OffCapeSt.Mary’s/ Fiddler’s Green

9 Gordie Sampson/TheCapeBretonConnection/Gord’s Jigs

10 Mac Wiseman/My Cape Breton Home

11 Tess LeBlanc/Cumha Cheap Breatainn

12 Ashley MacIsaac/ Close to the Floor/74th Highlanders’/Roderick MacDonald/Sandy Cameron/Creignish Hills

13 J.P. Cormier/ Heart and Soul/ Here’s to You, Scotty!

14 Brenda Stubbert /TheCapeBretonConnection/ The Iron Man

15 Donnie Campbell/Waters ofIona

16 Natalie MacMaster/ TheCapeBretonConnection/ O’er the Moor Among the Heather

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Scottish Voice - February 16th, 2013

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Music log:

1 David Stone/Colours of Cape Breton/Old Town Hall

2 Howie MacDonald/ the dance last night/ jerry and Joey jigs

3 Fraid Knot/ A Pint O” Trad/ The Liar

4 Jimmy Sweeney/ Come Listen Awhile/ Song For The Mira

5 Cyril Sampson/ These Are My Mountains/ These Are MY Mountains

6 Kinnon & Andrea Beaton/ Barn Dance Medley

7 Mary Jane Lamond/Suas E!/ Seinn O

8 Glenn Graham/Decade/Lakewind Sount Etc.

9 David Stone/Colours ofCapeBreton/TheBostonStates

10 J.P. (John Paul) CORMIER/ X8 a mandolin collection/Rutland’s Reel

11 Howie MacDonald/the dance last night/a salute to Cameron and Arthur medley

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Scottish Voice - February 9th, 2013

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Today’s show topics:

Poem by Ron Gillis “Unmetered”
News Item: Russian statue

St. Valentine

News Item:LawrenceAnthony, and the grieving elephants

Biography: Jack Morrison

Biography: Brenda Stubbert

Poem: If I Could


1 Delores Keane; Tommy Sands/ The Hearts’ a Wonder/The Shortcut Through the Fields

2 Donnie LeBlanc/La reel des Cap-Rougiens/Birch Hill’s Waltz

3 Andy Cooney/Irish Influence/An Irish Waltz

4 Hugo Duncan/ The V B of Irish Love Songs / Sweet Eileen O’Grady

5 TracyDares/Crooked Lake/Castle Bay Scrap

6 Hugh McClean/The V B of Irish Love Songs/ Where Me Eileen Is Waiting forMe

7 Brenda Stubbert- Paull MacDonald guitar, Joey Beaton piano/ House Sessions/ Tracy Dares’ Set, 8 Kirk MacGeachy/Moon of the Ocean/Couldn’t Love You More

9 Kinnon and Betty Beaton//Saturday Night Lively/Shegulandah Bay Waltz

10 Jack Morrison/Hodgepodge/I Love You Because

11 Ed Miller/ Many’s the Fine Tale/ My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose

12 Anita MacDonald, Susan MacLean, Donnie Campbell/ Stepping Stone/ Good Enough to Listen to: Jimmy Leighton’s Jig, Traditional Jig

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Scottish Voice - February 2nd, 2013

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1 Wills Addiction (Phillip Williams Tom Mills/Crossing the Bridge/The Giant Fiddle
2 Buddy MacMaster / The Cape Breton Connection/ Stepdance Medley
3 The Corries/ The Bricklayers Song
4 The Corries/ The Collier Laddie
5 Paul MacNeil pipes, Jamie MacInnis pipes/ Trad Music from C B Island/O Teannaibh Dulth Is Togaibh Fonn-Gaelic Song Air, Donald Cameron’s .
6 Mary Jane Lamond/ Orain Ghaidhlig: Gaelic Songs of C B/ Nighean Dubh, Nighean Donn
7 North Sea Gas/Lochanside/ Lochanside
8 he Cottars/On Fire/The Guitar Jigs
9 hristy Moore/Christy Moore Collection/Don’t Forget Your Shovel
10 hley MacIsaac/ Close to the Floor/ Livingstone Pond set
11 Joe MacLean/The James Cameron set