Saturday, March 29, 2014

Scottish Voice - March 29th, 2014

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Music log:

1 J.P. Cormier/ Now That the Work Is Done/ Ancient and Forever

2 Natalie MacMaster/ Yours Truly/ Mother Nature

3 John Allan Cameron/Here Comes John Allan C/ There Was An Old Woman From Mabou

4 John Allan Cameron/Here Comes J A C/ Fear An Duin Mhois-Null Thar

5 J.P. Cormier/ Now That the Work Is Done/ Track 14

6 Accountant Donald Rankin Live from theIsle of Skye

7 Willie McCulloch/ Auld Tales & New/ Skye Lullabye

8 The Rankin Family/ Souvenir: 1989-1998 Disc 2 / Farewell to Lochaber

9 Winston “Scottie” Fitzgerald/ Classic Cuts/ McDonaugh’s Clog Medley

10 Dan McKinnon/ Just Another Day/ My Old Walking Shoes

11 Joseph Cormier J.P. Cormier/ Velvet Arm Golden Hand/ Dan R. Set

12 Sandy Maclntyre/ island treasure vol. 1/ John Macfayden of Melfort

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Scottish Voice - March 22nd, 2014

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Music log:

1 Men Of The Deeps; Rita MacNeil// Mining the Soul/ Working Man

2 Glenn Graham/ Decade / Howie and Kinnon’s Winter Apples

3 Men Of The Deeps; Rita MacNeil/ Mining the Soul/ Plain Ole Miner Boy

4 Dougie MacLean/. Who Am I/ Pabay Mor

5 David Greenberg; Doug MacPhee/ The Warrior, the Mathematician, and the Belle

6 Mary Jane Lamond/ Stòras / Bal Na H-Aibhne Deas (Ball atSouthwest Margaree

7 Mary Jane Lamond/ Stòras/It is, my love the MacDonald Man

8 Jimmy Sweeney/ Come Listen Awhile/ Out on the Mira

9 David Greenberg; Doug MacPhee/ Doug’s turn

10 Dougie MacLean/ Who Am I/ Hide in the Wind

11 Brenda Stubbert -Paull MacDonald guitar, Joey Beaton piano/ House Sessions/ Rovers Return, jigs

12 sandy maclntyre/island treasure vol. 1/ Jonh MacFayden of Melfort

14 Dawn & Margie Beaton/ Taste of Gaelic/ Jackie Coleman’s/ Medley

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Scottish Voice - March 15th, 2014

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St. Patrick's Day Show 2014.

Music log:

1 Mike Burns/ Hurley’s Irish Pub A Decade of Song/ Introduction

2 Christy Moore / Christy Moore Collection/ Lisdoonvarna

3 Salty Dog/ Hurley’s Irish Pub A Decade of Song/ Step it out Mary

4 Pub Singers/ Pure Irish [St. Clair/ Mother Machree

5 Pub Singers/ Pure Irish [St. Clair/ A Little Bit of Heaven

6 Cotton Mill Boys; Tony Hughes/ My Wild Irish Rose

7 Pub Singers/ Pure Irish [St. Clair] The Rose ofTralee

8 The Chieftains/ The Wide World Over: A 40 Year Celeb/ Live from Matt Molloy’s Pub

9 Sting; The Chieftains/ The Wide World Over: A 40 Yr Celebration/ Mo Ghile Mea r

10 The Wolfe Tones/ Irish Music Magazine Milwaukee Sampler/ My Heart is inIreland

11 Brid Cranitch & Sheila Garry/ Irish Music Magazine Milwaukee 2003 Sampler/

Haste to the Wedding/Saddle the Pony/Father O’Flynn

12 Foster & Allen/Forty Shades of Green: A Tribute to OldIreland/ Danny Boy

13 Elvis Costello; The Chieftains/ The Wide World Over: A 40 Year Celebration/

Long Journey Home (Anthem)

14 Mike Burns/ Hurley’s Irish Pub A Decade of Song/ The Last Word

15 The Chieftains/ Irish Evening/ Medley: Ó Murchú’s Hornpipe/

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Scottish Voice - March 1st, 2014

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Dedicated to the memory of Claude Ferguson

Music log:

1 Jeff MacDonald – Natalie MacMaster/ C B Girl/ Ar n-Athair Our Father

2 The Cottars/ The Cottars/ Celtic Harp Medley

3 Tess LeBlanc/ Tess/ Lumberman’s alphabet

4 Connie & Paul/ My Father’s Songs/Peter Emberley

5 Carl Mackenzie/CapeBretonFiddle Medleys/ Farewell To Gartly

6 Daniel O’Donnell/Irish Collection/Dublin in the Rare Auld Times

7 Daniel O’Donnell/Irish Collection/ Forty Shades of Green

8 sandy Macintyre/ island treasure vol. 1 / Neil Gow’s style

9 Patricia Murray / Welcome toPrince Edward Island/ Cumaibh Suas A’ Ghaidhlig

10 Alexander MacLean/ Trad Celtic Piano w Alex MacLean/ Trad Schottish, Andy’s Schottish

11 Moira Kerr/ Loch Lomond Hills /HighlandCathedral

12 The Beaton Family/ C B Fiddle and Piano Music/ Andrea Beaton’s March